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Asia Times - 4:50 pm

Asia Times

Indonesian president’s resounding reelection underscores his common touch but there is still much to be done in his second term to cement his legacy as a genuine reformer
RT - 4:45 pm

Countdown to Mueller report release: Russiagate’s end or just another conspiracy chapter?

Odds are the publication of the long-awaited report by special counsel Robert Mueller will not change the minds of those invested in the conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump ‘colluded’ with Russia to get elected in 2016.

Lok Sabha elections 2019: Poll violence at several places in Bengal, BJP to meet EC in Delhi

Salim managed to escape and took shelter in the polling station, while his driver managed to escape with the car. “I got to know of rigging inside this booth.

Stakes high for all but it’s Mayawati who’ll gain or lose most

News News: The ‘Muslim-Dalit’ combination of the opposition alliance will be put to test in the Braj region of UP in the second phase of the Lok Sabha elections.
Dawn - 11:40 am

14 offloaded from passenger bus, shot dead on Makran Coastal Highway

15-20 armed assailants in camouflage uniform stopped bus, checked passengers' identities, offloaded and shot them.

Life & Tech

Slashdot - 4:50 pm

Astronomers have spotted the universe’s first molecule

Helium hydride detected by airborne Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy telescope
IGN - 3:10 pm

The Best Curved Gaming Monitors 2019

Curved monitors have come a long way. Here's our pick for the best of the best.

COE supply to shrink by 3.5% for May-July period

The supply of car COEs for the May-July period will dip by 9.5 per cent to 5,875 per month - a much smaller drop than the 20 per cent shrinkage some motor industry players were expecting.. Read more at straitstimes.com.


৫০ বছর পরও যে সিনেমা ঘিরে অনেক রহস্য

১৯৬৮ সালে মুক্তি পাওয়া পরিচালক স্ট্যানলি কুবরিকের এই ছবিটিকে অনেকে সর্বকালের সেরা ছবিগুলোর একটি বলে মনে করেন। কিভাবে তৈরি করা হয়েছিল এই সিনেমাটি?

নামাযে মাতৃভাষায় ডাকা নিষেধ কেন?

প্রশ্ন From: মোঃ জহিরুল ইসলাম বিষয়ঃ নামাজ/নামাজের মধ্যে শব্দ আরবি ভাষাতেই হতে হয় প্রশ্নঃ আসসালামু আ

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