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Dawn - 5:40 am

Saudi Arabia admits Khashoggi was killed in 'fistfight' inside Istanbul consulate

Kingdom sacks top intelligence official and royal court media adviser, both top aides of Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
RT - 5:20 am

Saudi Arabia says journalist Khashoggi ‘died after fight broke out’ in the consulate

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi died in a “fight” with individuals inside the Saudi consulate in Turkey, Saudi authorities said after nearly two weeks of speculation. A senior Saudi intelligence official was fired over the incident.
BBC - 4:30 am

Khashoggi 'died after fight'

The Saudi journalist died after a fight in the consulate in Istanbul, an initial Saudi probe suggests.

58 dead as train mows into crowd watching Ravan burn in Amritsar

India News: It turned out to be a dark Dussehra as 58 people lost their lives in less than a minute, in a most horrific and bizarre train accident. A train at ful

Amritsar train accident: 61 dead as speeding train runs over crowd at Dussehra celebration

Festive crowd watching Ravana effigy burning didn’t see train coming.

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