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Alternet - 9:35 pm

The Rise of the Robots: How Trump and the Republicans betrayed their base voters

the Trump tax cut did more than just encourage automated replacement of workers in Trump country—it encouraged industries to move out of the country altogether: Trump’s formula for his unfortunate electoral victory in 2016 relied almost exclusively on persuading rural American voters in the so-called “heartland” that their economic decline was due not to any fault of corporate, late-stage


DEVELOPING: Possible threat toward Texas Churches

(ABC 7 News) - According to the Hutchinson County Sheriff's Office, there is a possible threat toward Texas churches. The Sheriff's Office says it received information early Saturday from the FBI about the possible threat. Currently, the threat appears to be broad-based,non-spec
Infowars - 11:55 pm

70,000-strong No Deal Brexit petition most popular in country

If it gets to 100,000 signatures, a No Deal Brexit debate will be considered for debate in Parliament. Get signing and spread the word


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