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Khaleej Times - 4:30 pm

Sharjah skypod project may be operational by 2025

The passenger minibus can run at maximum speed of up to 150km per hour.
Al-Ahram - 4:15 pm

Berlin road map for Libya yet to be tested

The Berlin conference on Libyan moved the crisis in the right direction after it had appeared that Ankara and Moscow were on the verge of commandeering the process
Arab News - 10:25 am

EXCLUSIVE: Meet Dalia Al-Aqidi, the Republican Iraqi refugee seeking to unseat Ilhan Omar 

WASHINGTON: A Muslim immigrant from Iraq hoping to unseat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has accused her rival of embracing anti-Semitism and failing “to love America.” Speaking to Arab News, Dalia Al-Aqidi said she is running for Congress because Omar is doing “irreparable harm” to both America and Minnesota, the state where her congressional district is located. Al-Aqidi, who was born in Iraq
Saudi Gazette - 6:10 am

WEF chief lauds Saudi Arabia

WEF chief lauds Saudi Arabia

Three years on, what has President Trump done for the world?

While Americans squabble over their president, Trump remains a popular figure in the Arabian Gulf. But for how long?


Al-Arabiya - 4:20 pm

Iran could withdraw from 2015 nuclear deal in dispute with West: Official

Exiting the 2015 nuclear deal is one of Iran’s options, the Iranian president’s chief of
Al-Jazeera - 3:40 pm

Asia taking no chances with new China virus as WHO meeting looms

Enhanced screening in place from Taiwan to Singapore as countries trigger responses honed by SARS experience.

Saudi crown prince implicated in hack of Jeff Bezos' phone, UN report to say

Organisation to recommend both Saudi Arabia and US investigate alleged involvment of Mohammed bin Salman which Riyadh describes as 'absurd'
The New Arab - 5:20 am

Protest-hit Lebanon names new 'technocratic' government

Prime Minister Hassan Diab's cabinet of 20 ministers was announced on...
MEMO - 4:35 am

Post-Brexit, Britain aims to strengthen its partnership with Africa in trade deals

Britain is set to leave the European Union at the end of this month. The government will then be free to strike new economic deals without being bound by EU regulations. It now has 11 months to come u...


حكومة لبنان الجديدة: غضب في الشارع وعلى مواقع التواصل - aawsat.com

يبدو أن تشكيل حكومة جديدة في لبنان بعد نحو ثلاثة أشهر من استقالة حكومة سعد الحريري، لم يأتِ على قدر آمال وتطلعات جزء كبير من اللبنانيين الذين نزلوا إلى الشارع في 17 أكتوبر (تشرين الأول) للمطالبة بنزع السلطة السياسية التي يتهمونها بالفساد. وبعد ساعات
Arabi21 - 2:30 am

إعلان الحكومة الجديدة في لبنان (أسماء) - arabi21.com

أعلنت الحكومة الجديدة في لبنان تشكيلتها النهائية، بعيد لقاء جمع بين رئيس الوزراء اللبناني المكلف، حسان دياب، ورئيس الجمهورية، ميشال عون، في قصر الرئاسة.

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