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Arab News - 4:20 am

Two police officers killed after terror suspect blows himself up near Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo

CAIRO: Two police officers were killed when a terror suspect blew himself up after he was surrounded by police near Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo on Monday. Three other policemen were injured in the blast in the Darb Al-Ahmar district, the interior ministry said. The explosion took place after police chased the suspect who they believe had planted a bomb near a mosque last week. Security forces have
Saudi Gazette - 3:35 am

New heights in Saudi-Pak ties

President Alvi said during his speech, “Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have been indispensable partners for a very long time. We have been together for centuries. Our friendship is bound in religion and culture.”
Times Of Oman - 1:10 am

10-year-old’s horror bike crash sparks ROP warning

The ROP has asked parents not to allow their children to ride motorcycles and drive off-road vehicles unaccompanied, especially unlicenced ones.
Khaleej Times - 10:45 pm

15 new radars to come up on key Ras Al Khaimah road

New speed cameras to be installed by the end of this month.

Emirates closes in on Apple in brand intimacy rankings

Dubai-based airline jumps up list that measures the emotional bonds between a customer and a brand


MEMO - 5:05 am

From Oslo to Warsaw is a long way down; be still my aching heart

The sight of Arab foreign ministers meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Warsaw was reminiscent of the meeting between the late Yasser Arafat and Netanyahu's predecessor Yitzhak...
The New Arab - 4:10 am

Award-winning Egyptian photojournalist Shawkan due to be released after five years in jail

Shawkan was arrested in 2013 as he covered a sit-in protest in...
Al-Arabiya - 3:10 am

Israeli police arrest five Palestinians at al-Aqsa mosque

Israeli police say they have arrested five Palestinians for allegedly “causing a

Turkey's media landscape shaken up by major foreign players

Turkey may rank 157 in a world press freedom index, but that isn't stopping broadcasters from Russia, China, Germany and others setting up shop
Al-Jazeera - 12:35 am

Pakistan honours Saudi crown prince with highest civilian award

President Arif Alvi awards Mohammed bin Salman the Nishan-e-Pakistan a day after $20bn investment deals were signed.


Arabi21 - 4:30 am

مقتل شرطيين بانفجار قرب الجامع الأزهر وسط القاهرة - arabi21.com

وقع انفجار بالقرب من الجامع الأزهر وسط القاهرة، مساء الاثنين، أدى إلى مقتل شرطيين وإصابة 3 ضباط آخرين.

خلط قطري بين علمي تونس وتركيا - aawsat.com

طالب الاتحاد التونسي لكرة القدم اليوم (الاثنين) الشركة القطرية المنظمة لمباراة كأس السوبر التونسي بين فريقي الترجي والأفريقي، بسحب لافتة إعلانية للمباراة بسبب الخلط بين العلم التونسي والعلم التركي. ومن المقرر أن تحتضن العاصمة القطرية الدوحة مباراة كأ

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