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Arab News - 4:20 am

Rivals’ accord paves way for Palestine coalition

AMMAN: Fatah and Hamas leaders appear to be moving closer to setting up a unified list that will be the basis of a Palestinian coalition government, a draft agreement between the rival factions reveals. The agreement, seen by Arab News, was a key factor in the decision to hold elections — Palestine’s first in 15 years — on May 22. Details of the accord were discussed at meetings in
Khaleej Times - 4:10 am

Covid-19: Dubai tightens rules for gatherings

Previously, a maximum of 200 people were allowed at gatherings organised in halls, hotels and tents, while home parties were limited to 30 guests.
Al-Ahram - 2:10 am

Egypt in 2021: Bent on reform

Further economic and political reforms top Egypt’s to-do list this year
Saudi Gazette - 12:20 am

Single-day virus-related deaths continue to drop as Saudi Arabia reports 213 new cases

This brings the total number of confirmed infections in the Kingdom to 365,988 and virus-related fatalities to 6,346.


Al-Arabiya - 6:05 am

UK MPs call for investigation into British company with possible link to Beirut blast

Two senior British parliamentarians called on Friday for an investigation into a British-registered
The New Arab - 6:00 am

Iran calls on Biden to 'unconditionally' lift US sanctions

Iran has been watching the US elections closely, with Joe Biden's...

Anger grows within Labour over role of ex-Israeli military intelligence official

Senior figures raise concerns over appointment of Assaf Kaplan, who formerly served in unit accused of blackmailing Palestinian civilians
MEMO - 12:35 am

Valencia court dismisses criminal complaint against BDS activists

The Provincial Court in Valencia, Spain, has definitively dismissed a criminal complaint against eight Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions activists who had questioned the invitation for Jewish American...


Arabi21 - 4:35 am

حشمت لـ"عربي21": نستبشر بتغيير ثوري في مصر خلال 2021 - arabi21.com

قال رئيس البرلمان المصري في الخارج الدكتور محمد جمال حشمت، إنه "لن يتم التقدم خطوة واحدة في محاولات إنقاذ الشعب المصري من بين أنياب ومخالب النظام العسكري؛ إلا بإعادة الثقة بين المقاومين للانقلاب..

الموت يُغيّب الكاتبة المصرية كوثر هيكل - aawsat.com

في هدوء يماثل شخصيتها، رحلت اليوم (الجمعة) بالقاهرة، الكاتبة المصرية، كوثر هيكل عن عمر يناهز 76 عاماً، وهي من الرعيل الأول الذي التحق للعمل بالتلفزيون المصري منذ بداية إرساله في ستينات القرن الماضي.وعُرفت الراحلة بكتاباتها الرومانسية في أعمال سينمائي

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