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Times Of Oman - 12:40 am

Oman’s largest solar power plant to start operation next year

Oman’s largest solar power plant is likely to be up and running by the middle of next year.
Khaleej Times - 12:35 am

Indians with 'any valid visa' can now travel to UAE

The report brings most joy to scores of long-term residents whose children were stranded in India without UAE residency visas.
Arab News - 8:50 pm

Desecrated: blast leaves old Beirut’s heritage gems in ruins

BEIRUT: The monster explosion that levelled Beirut’s port darkened the Lebanese capital’s future but also blasted its past into oblivion, ravaging many beloved architectural and cultural treasures. Gems of the city’s heritage, including some of the region’s most elegant Levantine villas with their triple-arch windows, were damaged beyond repair. Many of old Beirut’s remaining
Saudi Gazette - 8:00 pm

Saudi Arabia records 1,439 corona recoveries, 32 deaths

A total of 1,257 new cases of the novel coronavirus were detected in Saudi Arabia during the last 24 hours, the ministry of health said on Monday. It brings the total number of confirmed infections in the Kingdom to 289,947.


Al-Arabiya - 12:40 am

Coronavirus: UAE announces 179 new COVID-19 cases, zero deaths

The United Arab Emirates has detected 179 new cases of coronavirus, raising the total number of
Al-Jazeera - 12:25 am

Investigation: Excessive force used against Beirut protesters

Analysis of open-source information and medical records show protesters were fired upon, days after deadly blast.
The New Arab - 11:45 pm

Lebanon's PM Diab announces resignation of government

Lebanon’s PM Hassan Diab announced that he is stepping down from his...
MEMO - 10:25 pm

BREAKING: Lebanon cabinet resigns

Lebanon cabinet has resigned, AP reported the health minister saying today, amid mounting criticism over the government's response to the explosion which rocked Beirut last week. Prime Minister...

The Saudi who could bring down Mohammed bin Salman

Mohammed bin Nayef's ally has become more dangerous to MBS than Khashoggi could ever have been - and that's why he's living with a target on his back


مجلس التعاون والجامعة العربية يؤكدان ضرورة التنسيق المشترك لمواجهة التحديات - aawsat.com

أكد مجلس التعاون الخليجي والجامعة العربية، اليوم (الاثنين)، ضرورة التنسيق وتعزيز العمل العربي المشترك لمواجهة التحديات، والحد من التدخل في شؤون الدول العربية.جاء ذلك خلال اتصال هاتفي بين أمين مجلس التعاون الدكتور نايف الحجرف، وأمين عام الجامعة العربي
Arabi21 - 12:30 am

رئيس وزراء لبنان حسان دياب يعلن استقالة الحكومة (فيديو) - arabi21.com

أعلن رئيس الحكومة اللبنانية، حسان ذياب، استقالة حكومته، بعد أسبوع على كارثة انفجار مرفأ بيروت، التي تسببت في دمار كبير للعاصمة، واحتجاجات واسعة وحملة استقالة لوزراء ونواب.

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