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Times Of Oman - 8:15 pm

21 new cases of COVID-19 reported in Oman

This brings the total number of positive COVID-19 cases in the Sultanate to 298, in addition to two deaths.

If we're all in this together, Dubai schools have to do more

It's easy to type #inthistogether at the end of a media post, and hard to act on it for real, writes Raza Khan
Arab News - 11:50 am

LIVE: Coronavirus cases, deaths rise across the Middle East

DUBAI: The Middle East has encountered more coronavirus cases and fatalities, with Iran recording its biggest jump in deaths. Countries are implementing tighter rules on international and domestic travel to strengthen efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Sunday, April 5 (All times in GMT) 03:38 - Baghdad remains under strict government curfew to contain the novel coronavirus, but small


Al-Arabiya - 9:35 pm

Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi waives fees, rent for ExCeL center London hospital site

Abu Dhabi’s state-owned exhibitions company has waived maintenance fees and isn’t charging rent for
MEMO - 8:50 pm

Israel settlements turn Palestinian house into cage

'If you give me all of Israel's money, I would never concede an inch of my land.'...
The New Arab - 7:50 pm

Jordan to use drones, cameras to monitor curfew

Jordan says it has arrested at least 1,600 people for violating the...

Coronavirus: Middle East refugees in Serbia volunteer to combat pandemic

Some make masks, while others volunteer to help the government during the Covid-19 outbreak
Al-Jazeera - 3:50 pm

Anti-Asian hate continues to spread online amid COVID-19 pandemic

Racist abuse of Asians continues on social media despite pledges by Facebook, Twitter and TikTok to tackle issue.


الصين باعت 4 مليارات قناع خلال شهر - aawsat.com

أعلنت السلطات، اليوم (الأحد)، أن الصين باعت منذ بداية مارس (آذار) نحو أربعة مليارات قناع لدول أجنبية تتصدى لفيروس «كورونا» المستجد، مع سعيها إلى تبديد المخاوف حيال نوعية صادراتها من المستلزمات الطبية.ورغم تراجع عدد الإصابات على أراضيها، شجعت بكين الم
Arabi21 - 7:05 pm

تواصل انتشار كورونا عالميا.. وأوروبا الأكثر تضررا - arabi21.com

تجاوز عدد المصابين بفيروس كورونا المستجد الـ1.16 مليون شخص، توفي منهم 63 ألفا و437 في 190 بلدا ومنطقة، حسب تعداد أجرته وكالة فرانس برس استنادا إلى مصادر رسمية..

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