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Arab News - 8:35 am

Egypt’s former president Morsi dies in court after heart attack

CAIRO: The former Egyptian president, Mohammed Morsi, died in Cairo on Monday at the age of 67. Egyptian state television announced that Morsi, who was ousted by the military on July 3, 2013, had been attending a court session at his trial on charges of espionage and links with the Palestinian militant group Hamas. It was reported that he collapsed in the courtroom inside a glass cage he and
Khaleej Times - 2:40 am

Dubai royal passes away

The funeral prayer for the royal will be held at the Zabeel Mosque in Dubai.
Saudi Gazette - 1:50 am

Iran's belligerence, threats raise concern

There is not much time left until the end of the 60 days ultimatum given by Iran to the Europeans to save the (2015) deal. After that Iran will suspend implementation of the Non-proliferation Treaty, said Zolnour.

Former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi dies

Sources say Mohamed Morsi died on Monday in a Cairo hospital after fainting during a session in court
Times Of Oman - 12:50 am

A cooler, greener capital city

Muscat Municipality announced on Monday that they are working on 14 new projects to make the city greener and cleaner.


Al-Arabiya - 10:45 am

China earthquake kills 11, injures 122

The toll from a strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake in southwest China rose to 11 dead and 122 injured
The New Arab - 7:30 am

'Full alert': Egypt deploys troops following death of Egypt's first democratically-elected president

Egypt's interior ministry put its forces on full alert, deploying...

Egypt's deposed president Mohamed Morsi dies

Country's first freely elected leader, who was removed in a 2013 military coup, collapses in court
Al-Jazeera - 6:35 am

US to send 1,000 more troops to Middle East amid Iran tensions

Acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahanhe says the deployment is in response to Iran's hostile behaviour.
MEMO - 10:30 pm

BREAKING NEWS: Former President Morsi dies during trial 

Former President Mohamed Morsi died on Monday in court after the conclusion of a trial session in the espionage lawsuit. According to Egyptian State Television, Morsi suffered a heart attack follow...


Arabi21 - 11:00 am

دفن مرسي فجرا بالقاهرة وسط تشديدات امنية - arabi21.com

دفن محمد مرسي، أول رئيس مدني منتخب في مصر، في الخامسة صباح الثلاثاء بالتوقيت المحلي (الثالثة تغ)، بأحد مقابر شرقي العاصمة القاهرة، بعد أقل من 24 ساعة على وفاته، حسبما كشف محاميه، عبد المنعم عبد المقصود .

مشروع فرنسي ألماني إسباني لصنع مقاتلة المستقبل - aawsat.com

أعلنت فرنسا وألمانيا وإسبانيا، اليوم (الإثنين) إطلاق مشروع لصنع مقاتلة أوروبية جديدة، في إطار السعي إلى توحيد صفوف القوات العسكرية في القارة والحد من التباينات القائمة في ما بينها وإيجاد بديل للمقاتلات الأميركية. ويندرج مشروع بناء المقاتلة الخفية الت

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