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Etihad assisting Jet Airways passengers in wake of airline's collapse

The State Bank of India-led consortium is looking to sell a controlling stake in Jet and has shortlisted four potential buyers, including Etihad Airways, which already owns 24%
Arab News - 12:30 pm

Iran’s armed forces are not a regional threat: Hassan Rouhani

LONDON: President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday that Iranian armed forces were not a threat against any regional country, as Tehran held an Army Day military parade to unveil its latest military equipment. “I want to tell the regional countries that the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran are not against you and your national interests. They stand against invaders ... The roots of
Khaleej Times - 10:40 am

Sheikh Khalifa amends Abu Dhabi real estate law

Updating the Real Property Law reflects the leadership's support and vision to develop the emirate's economy.
Saudi Gazette - 8:30 am

King and Iraqi PM oversee inking of several pacts

Minister of Education Dr. Hamad Al Al-Sheikh and Iraqi Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Qusay Abdul Wahab Al-Suhail signed a MoU on scientific and educational cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and another one between the Ministry of Education and the Iraqi Ministry of Education.
Times Of Oman - 2:15 am

Stamp out anti-social media

The rise of social media has led to invasion of privacy and the spreading of rumours and false information, leading to discussions about how to best tackle this scourge.


'A very big, long war': Tripoli residents brace themselves as Haftar approaches

As many as 16,000 people have fled Libya's capital, as fighting commences on the outskirts
Al-Arabiya - 12:55 pm

Gunmen kill 14 passengers on bus in southwestern Pakistan

Gunmen ambushed a bus and killed 14 passengers after going through their ID cards and forcing them
Al-Jazeera - 12:25 pm

Gunmen kill bus passengers in Pakistan's Balochistan: Official

Passengers offloaded from bus travelling from Karachi to Gwadar before being shot dead, officials say.
The New Arab - 7:00 am

South Sudan offers to mediate 'peaceful transition' in Sudan, rebels declare ceasefire

South Sudanese President Silva Kiir on Wednesday offered to aid Sudan...
MEMO - 2:45 am

37 ex-EU leaders wrote a letter, so what could the current European leaders do to deliver justice to Palestinians?

The European Union is at a crossroads when it comes to the Palestine-Israel conflict. It can continue to provide cover for Israeli breaches of international law and oppression of the Palestinian peopl...


السعودية تتضامن مع فرنسا إثر حريق كاتدرائية نوتردام بباريس - aawsat.com

أكدت السعودية اليوم (الأربعاء)، تضامنها مع فرنسا إثر حريق كاتدرائية نوتردام التاريخية بباريس.وأعرب مصدر مسؤول في وزارة الخارجية السعودية، عن «تضامن المملكة مع فرنسا والشعب الفرنسي الصديق إثر الحريق الهائل الذي حصل في كاتدرائية نوتردام التاريخية» الاث
Arabi21 - 3:35 am

سياسيون: هذه أخطر مواد التعديلات الدستورية في مصر - arabi21.com

حذر سياسيون وخبراء مصريون من وجود مواد في تعديلات الدستور الجديدة، التي أقرها مجلس النواب، الثلاثاء، لا تقل خطورة، إن لم تكن أخطر من المادة 140 الخاصة بمد فترة الرئاسة من 4 إلى 6 سنوات، على أن تطبق على الفترة الحالية للرئيس.

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